Lintrachem has come a long way since it was set up as a partnership in 1978 and was the pioneer in the field of animal vaccine importation and distribution in Malaysia. In January 1983, Lintrachem was set up as a company limited by shares. Since then, Lintrachem had forged a long standing relationship with its suppliers, Fort Dodge Animal Health and Facco. From a small company struggling to reach out to local farmers, we have grown to become one of the leading vaccine distributors in Malaysia.

In 2001, Lintrachem realized the importance of providing more value-added services to its customers. We became the distributors for IDEXX Laboratories and have our own in-house laboratory to provide diagnostic testing services to our customers. We believe in providing the total veterinary solution for our customers, from animal disease prevention to laboratory diagnostic technologies and hygienic premier poultry equipment.

Our products and services are backed by a professional service team of veterinarians and marketing executives to provide the optimum solution for your livestock needs. Our wealth of experience in this industry assures our customers of our long term commitment to their livestock and farming needs.


As such, Lintrachem’s mission statement is :

  • Sell High quality products
  • Provide exceptional services to customer
  • Build relationships based on integrity and trust with suppliers, customers and employee