Lintrachem’s Services

At Lintrachem, we have many capable and experienced professionals who complement each other’s work as strategic partners in the company to work together towards the common goal of becoming your preferred partner for livestock disease monitoring, prevention and livestock housing. We are also the only pioneer in Malaysia to provide cold chain facilities from airport to customer’s place. We have specially allocated a cold truck for product transportation to ensure that the quality of our products are maintained.

In order to serve our customers better, we also provide post-sales support as follows :-

Veterinarians and Sales Representatives

  • Visit customers frequently
  • Techinical information exchange with customer’s in-house veterinarians
  • Perform post-mortem on diseased animals
  • Blood sampling of diseased animals for testing


  • In-house technical seminars on topics relevant to customers
  • General technical seminars to customers in the region
  • Updates on poultry and swine industry in the world
  • New product launches

Diagnostic Testing Services

  • well equipped in-house laboratory with diagnostic testing facilities
  • post-sales diagnostic testing services offered to our customers to aid in disease prevention
  • professional interpretation of test results using state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities